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How to save your business thousands using LED business signage

By June 8, 2017 No Comments

LED’s are fastly becoming a part of everyday life, we now see them installed on many day to day life applications such as cars, lighting and signage. There is a good reason why as well, LED’s can safely save your business thousands of pounds over a matter of years when regarding signage solutions.

You may be asking how? Well, LED’s consume 50-90% less energy than your normal fluorescent light, which results in less energy being used, causing a significant reduction in lighting costs. To show the extent on how much money you can save, imagine a business sign sized 10000mm x 2000mm. To illuminate with fluorescent tubes, it would cost £1492.70 (8am – 6pm) per year. When looking at illuminating the same signage with LED bulbs, it will cost a tiny £148.30.

Over 6 years, you can save £7563.32 by using LED’s to illuminate your signage, thus saving your business thousands!

Graph showing the benefits of LED's Vs Fluorescent lighting.

Not only are LED’s cost-effective, they are also eco-friendly as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury. This factor makes them a lot safer to the environment as well as to the public. But not only do LED’s reduce the risks of chemical hazards, LED’s also run on fewer volts.

We’ve shown how LED’s can reduce costs by energy levels, but as well as this, their lifespan is substantially longer. Comparing to fluorescent light, they can last 7-000-15,000 hours where LED’s can last up to 50,000 hours. This dramatic difference means you aren’t having to replace your lighting solutions for your signage every 7,000- 15,000 hours. On average this means every 41 Weeks – 89 weeks you will have to reinvest in your signage. Whereas LED’s last 297 weeks on average, considerably saving your business money on call outs and new lighting solutions.

Let’s give these potential cost-saving figures some perspective. Imagine you own a chip shop, your signage is a box with fluorescent tubes inside, let’s say the size is around 2100mm x 610mm. Assuming that the signage is fully working and you have the signage lit 8 hours a day, the sign will cost £63 per annum to run.

Cheap right?

Wrong, let’s look at what happens when we replaced the fluorescent lighting with LED bulbs. The annual running cost now will only be £7, saving a £56 per annum. Over 5 years this equates to £280.

Even with the smallest & simplest signage, you will always be saving money by installing LED bulbs.
Why not try our LED savings calculator to see how much your business could save.