Business signage is important! In today’s competitive and busy world, business branding; in the form of shop signage and outdoor signs continues to play a vital role in driving footfall on popular high streets across the world.

Research carried out by Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, suggests that your shop signage has a huge impact on how consumers decide whether or not to visit your retail shop, restaurant or event space such as a cinema or bowling alley. Their extensive survey highlighted the following insights;

  • 8 in 10 surveyed consumers said they had visited a shop they had never visited before based simply on its impressive shop signage.
  • Over 75% of surveyed consumers told the researchers that they had informed their close friends and relatives about a business simply based on its attractive outdoor business signs.
  • Overall, 6 in 10 surveyed participants admitted that they perceived a business’ outdoor shop signage to reflect the quality of its products & services on offer inside the venue.

Every once in a while, our expert team of shop signage engineers and installers like to admire other beautiful shop signage from around the globe…even if we didn’t install the sign! After our latest research project, we decided to create a quick infographic to share with our visitors and possible business owners to get inspired.

We’ve chosen our top 6 best business shop signs of all time:

1 – Java Juice Kiosk in Joondalup (Australia)
This funky design uses astroturf grass and a modern type font to create a fresh, organic and healthy atmosphere. Strip lighting helps to create an illuminated, stand-out design for this stall to attract passing consumers.

2 – Object Shop in Chorlton (United Kingdom)
This sleek and on-trend Danish design radiates simplicity, cosiness and a homely feel. Twinned with a sense of luxury, the simple design is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

3 – Pop-Up Cafe in Melbourne (Australia)
The Aussie’s down under certainly know how to create an eye-catching shop sign! Using recycled pallets, this rustic yet effective outdoor cafe sign incorporates a stylish type font and would have cost peanuts to create.

4 – The Sugar Boy Sweet Shop in Canterbury (United Kingdom)
This traditional design with a classic font oozes a sense of nostalgia and brings back those childhood memories of penny sweets and cola bottles. Although traditional painted shop signs are relatively cheap to install, they require constant re-touches to keep them looking well maintained.

5 – Empire Cinema in Catterick (United Kingdom)
As one of the UK’s leading shop signage installers and maintenance providers, we, of course, had to include one of our latest projects in the best shop signs of all time! We’re super proud of our signage install at the popular Empire Cinema in Catterick. The bold text and vibrant colour helps to create an eye-catching design. More importantly, the illuminated strip lighting behind the sign ensures the venue will stand out when the sun goes down.

6 – Umbra Store in Toronto (Canada)
This ultra sleek and modern design was created to complement its urban location in the heart of the city. The vibrant, illuminated sign panelling hugs the whole building in a bold pink colour, making it unmissable on the high street!


6 best shop signs of all time!